Deets on New Eats

Increased business in the spring Klein area has spurred the construction of all new restaurants, coming to the Klein area this spring.

“Northwest Houston has experienced a population boom that has followed business growth,” Houston Chronicle journalist Tamra Santana said. “The area is still working to catch up with the changes that come with thousands of new residents.”

Because of this success, shopping centers like the newly erected Grand Parkway Marketplace have seen great success and expansion, bringing in new restaurants like a Starbucks, Smoothie King, and even a Buffalo Wild Wings this spring.

““The community seems to be supporting the stores and are happy with the design, accessibility, and type of retailers,” Kimco realty developer Rob Nadler said. “We

Many establishments are moving in to the area, with many opening sometime this spring and summer. Many students are excited for the new food options coming to the area.

“I can’t wait to spend my money on these new options,” junior Toby Sohn said. “New food is good food.”

Overall, the surrounding areas have a lot to look forward to as new business comes in and more venues become available. Whether picking up some fast food on the way home, or grabbing a coffee at a new study spot, these new establishments will serve to benefit the community not only in convenience, but also variety.

“I’m very excited,” junior Toby Sohn said. “I think these new restaurants will be very popular.”