Beautifying the Hallways

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is currently creating various murals to place around the school for the Klein Oak Beautification Project.

“The Beautification Project has been taking place over a couple of years,” NAHS sponsor Jennifer Schiebel said. “Every year we have one or two projects that are completed to spruce up and brighten the school.”

This year, NAHS has planned to complete nine different murals by March 1. Of the total nine murals, three have already been completed. One of the newest additions acts as a bulletin board and can be seen in the main hallway with various posters taped across it.

“We were asked to create a billboard-like mural in the main hall so that teachers and clubs could have a place to put their posters to keep the walls looking organized,” senior Emma Priedeman said. “It creates a more central place for people to look for information. It was also a fun way to get the NAHS kids involved in something that everyone in the school can use and appreciate.”

Although the project mainly consists of murals other additions can be found, such as the logo and lights found on the side of the athletic wing. With such a wide variety of projects, students are excited for the impact the next few will have on the school.

“It’s so fun to show up to school and find new paintings on the walls,” sophomore Lindsie Dibble said. “I can’t wait to see how all the finished projects will turn out.”