Gift of Giving

The air is getting colder but it seems some hearts are getting warmer. Many people on campus are gearing up for the holidays with plans to give back to our school and families in need over the next couple of weeks. Whether beautifying our school, supporting a local family, or raising money to help those in need, everyone is finding a way to make a difference.

As Christmas approaches, teachers and students alike are coming together and finding ways to help the community in the spirit of the season. Senior Kate Colston worked briefly at an orphanage just outside the area she’s raising money for and found a passion to help the kids she worked with.

“I started a project that aims to raise $5,000 for a school in a village in Haiti,” Colston said. “It’s one way to bring awareness to the global education crisis. My biggest dream is to educate every child [I can] and I feel like this is my first step.”


While some students are helping people across the world, others are working to help locally. The Panthers Helping People (PHP) Club is taking on two endeavors this holiday season.

“We’re doing an ‘adopt a family’ getting all of our members involved in that,” club officer Madalyn Frasca said. “We’re going to buy a bunch of Christmas gifts and things like that so we can support a family locally. We’re also doing a thing called ‘Deck the Halls’. We’re going to decorate the freshman wing and make it feel more festive.”


The club sponsor, Mrs. Parker, is helping make all of this happen, working with the students to spread some positivity and have fun doing it.

“These kids volunteer their time and their money, they’re just very giving,” Parker said. “They have the biggest hearts. Oak giving back to those in need is a perfect way to participate. I don’t worry about the future because I see what these kids are doing.”