KISD Student Discussion Panel


Klein ISD held a student discussion panel Wednesday, 18 November at the Multipurpose Center in order for faculty to receive educational input from students.

“We have students here today from Benignus, Krimmel and Klein Oak High School and on our teaching and learning team we are all about being teachers and learners ourselves,” Jenny McGown, Chief Learning Officer, said. “So that’s why we’re here; to help each other learn what we can do better to make sure you have the best education. That’s our joy and our privilege.”

The panel consisted of 18 students, six from each elementary, middle and high school level. During the hour-long panel, teachers and faculty lined up behind a series of microphones to ask students questions, ranging from the role technology played in their education, to what they would change about the learning system.

“When you come into Pre-AP and GT classes, tutoring is frowned upon, but when you are in those classes we are the ones who want to learn and who want to do the best,” Krimmel seventh grader Katherine Singletary said. “Tutoring isn’t just for kids who need more help, it’s for kids who want more help and who want to understand. And when tutoring is frowned upon, it’s hard for students to get that extra help that they desire.”

Students were also encouraged to share their experiences regarding factors already implemented into the Klein ISD education system and whether they have been helpful to their learning, or in what ways they can be improved.

“After every test, we had re-teach and retest in class,” Klein Oak sophomore Michael Ngyuen said. “I know it seems really common and a lot of students take it for granted, but when we’re in high school and we’re doing such sophisticated and advanced learning it’s really important that we make sure that we understand the previous material. When you look at almost every single subject, all those basic concepts you build on. If you don’t understand those basic concepts, you’re not going to be able to succeed.”

Teachers and faculty members took detailed notes of the experience, aiming to gain as much insight and understanding from students as possible. Klein ISD looks forward to continuing with other various ways to gain input in order to come together for the best possible results for students.

“The reason we are doing our work is because of you all,” Dayna Hernandez, Executive Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning, said. “As a large teaching and learning team, we don’t always get to connect everyday with each other, and so it’s important that we remember the importance of leaning on each other’s shoulders and helping one another out.”