Klein ISD Changes

Klein ISD has updated many handbook policies for the 2017-2018 school year in order to create a more casual and effective learning environment.

“The new policies support learning and empowers the students to manage themselves,” Graduation councilor Mary-Margaret Bollato said. “These are positive changes and will support a positive learning environment.”

Among the multiple policy changes include a change in tardies and how they are received, along with warnings and other procedures. Instead of being counted on a six-week basis, tardies are now counted on a weekly basis. With warnings following each tardy, and increased time in after school detention until the fifth tardy, when in school suspension will be assigned to the student. Students also no longer have to walk to the tardy station, and instead a teacher will count them as tardy.

“The tardy policy change is really cool because going to the Tardy station made you even later to class than before, and you miss more instruction time that way. It’s also a lot less confusing now that it’s on a weekly basis, and the warnings make more sense and are easier to keep track of,” Senior Kali-Jo Bentz said.

Although many of the changes are popular among the students, some have added a level of confusion. Many students are having trouble adapting to the new rules and although they can understand how they may be helpful, aren’t entirely approving of the changes, such as the change in grading period lengths.

“I think it makes the change from six to nine week grading periods makes it easier to follow the progression of the year, and because we still have the same amount of projects and major grades, so there’s less stress. It’s kind of confusing though, because UIL is still on the three-week system rather than the nine week, so finding out if you’re eligible to participate in those competitions is a lot harder to keep track of,” Senior Jack Delaplane said.

Many other policies have also been put in place, such as those about facial hair, water bottles that are accepted outside of the cafeteria, and cell phone use. Information about these changes can be found on the Klein ISD website. Although the change in Cell phone policy was put into place at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, it is being more heavily enforced now. Staff hope this policy, along with the others, will help students learn to better manage themselves.

“Cell Phone use in schools is always controversial, however I think it important that student learn how to manage the use of the phone during the school day. Phone management and etiquette is important to teach,” Mrs. Bollato said.