The Modern War Museum

Over the course of April 20 and 21, the World History department hosted a Modern War Museum in the Multi-Purpose Room for their students.

“The best part about the museum for me as a teacher is teaching the students the importance of women and respect for the military,” World History teacher Patricia Martin said.

The museum consists of Ms. Martin’s personal collection of items from WWI ranging between GI Joe’s to deactivated grenades. Students go in a rotation throughout the days with their teachers and classes to learn in depth material on The Modern War.

“I think it’s really cool to see all of the real parts of the war, it allows us to get insight on what it was like in the times of war back then,” sophomore Michaela Poore said.

In the museum there are six tables, each with a different lesson or theme assigned to them. There was an aircraft’s table, a G.I. Joe table, a propaganda table, an important women’s table, and even a grenade table. All of the objects in the museum are authentic war pieces from the 1800s and 1900s.

“The contents of the museum are mostly from my personal collection. I started collecting my first year of teaching and continued with more interest when I started teaching high school,” Martin said, “I think it’s easier for kids to learn when its interactive, so bringing in objects that help show the students what it was like help them learn better and understand everything easier.”

The Modern War Museum helps students better their understanding of war by seeing real objects and pieces of it. The museum is repeated each year for the upcoming students in previous grade levels along with a fall Renaissance museum, which is all a part of the

World History department.

“I love the museum because it gives students a chance to see, hear, touch, and experience the modern wars and conflicts,” Martin said.