YouTube Policy Stirs Controversy

Many full-time YouTubers have reported that their revenue received by ads shown on their videos has decreased drastically.  Many people are lashing out at YouTube and blaming them however, YouTube is not entirely at fault. Now YouTube has taken down many videos do to controversial topics, allowing viewers unable to watch but they haven’t given any official information about the conflict. The real issue is that the advertisers are hesitant. They constantly see fluctuation within the YouTube company and youtubers’ content. It’s not a trusted business environment to some. According to Nomure Instinet, an analyst firm, YouTube could lose nearly $750 million in revenue this year just over advertisers halting business. Many content creators are worried on what their future will be like with YouTube. It hasn’t been the first time revenue has decreased throughout YouTube and they’re just making more of an effort to cover all of their bases and take is slower.