Course Selection Process

Course selection is still going on until June 2, the last day of school. Some classes require an application to be submitted before you are accepted into the class. Health Science offers a class to incoming juniors called Health Science Theory and applications were handed out on March 24. Applications are available in 301b, Mrs. Lee’s room. The application consists of personal information and seven recommendation sheets that need to be filled out by your current semester teachers. The sheet can be sealed in an envelope to be turned in by the student or the student’s teacher can take the recommendation sheet directly to the appropriate teacher. For incoming juniors there are new course pre-requisites for senior classes, so it is important to check pre-requisites for desired classes. The health science department also offers three application required classes to incoming seniors; EMT, Pharmaceutical technician, and Nursing Aid. The applications are the same. Cosmetology also has applications which were due by March 24 and interviews are coming up. Pay close attention to your emails and announcements for future information on when the interviews will take place. Newspaper and Yearbook applications for editors are due this Friday, March 31. Applications for newspaper if you are new or returning were due March 24. There are other options, like photojournalism and journalism if you missed the newspaper and yearbook deadline, or there is principles of health science and medical terminology if you are interested in a health science class, if you missed the applications for any of the classes. Go talk to the counselors about class options that do not require applications but are still in that same field.