Painting Peace

From February 13 to 17, Klein ISD held its fiifth Paint the Community with Peace Week in order to embrace diversity and encourage peace and unity. This included multiple dress-up days such as wearing yellow, red, blue, spirit gear, and tie dye. Many photos were taken throughout the week and posted on various social media websites under the hashtag KleinPaintsPeace.

Staff members, community members and students were encouraged to participate in various ways, whether it was window painting, writing and performing original songs and raps, painting or drawing posters, walking in a Peace Parade or sharing social media messages. On Thursday February 16, the community joined together at Klein Memorial Stadium in order to see the displaying of the community’s posters, which were arranged to mirror a quilt

Members of the community were offered the opportunity to become a Paint the Community with Peace Ambassador. In order to do so, they had to Participate in three of the five dress up days, display the Paint the Community with Peace poster outside of their workplace, church or business and use the #KleinPaintsPeace a minimum of three times.

Paint the Community with Peace Week, sponsored by the Unite for Understanding Council, will most likely hold a second spirit week in February 2018, although nothing can be confirmed at this time.