A Night To Remember


Most students will never know how much time and effort actually goes into the Homecoming dance. The thought of a dimly lit dance floor seems insignificant to many but it actually takes many hours to plan and set up for Homecoming.

Every year, STUCO (Student council) sets up a spirit week for everyday leading up to Homecoming, the students dress different each day to show their school spirit. There is also a carnival each year held the day before the dance to promote clubs and promote Homecoming.

“Yeah, I went last year and I had a lot of fun,” sophomore Hannah Parker said. “At first it was just my best friend and I but then we found a lot of our friends and just started dancing and having a blast. I’m hoping it will be a lot of fun again this year.”

STUCO has been working since before school started to get together all the funding and decorations it takes for a homecoming dance. This year’s theme is Night at The Movies. Not only did STUCO come during the summer, but they worked throughout their 5th period on making decorations and planning fundraisers. This year’s fundraiser is Houston’s Children’s Charity. This non-profit organization that works towards bettering the lives of Houston’s underprivileged children.

“Student council organizes the charity each year and then a large amount of our clubs and organizations help out with it.” STUCO sponsor Susan Parent said. “A large sum of the money goes to the charity, and the rest stays in the student council fund for student council expenses.”

This year’s goal is to raise $30,000 which is what they raised for last year’s charity. The funds will come from t-shirt sales, sponsor donations, and Homecoming tickets. The portion of money raised that isn’t being used for charity goes into the homecoming dance in order to make it conformable and worthwhile to the students.

“Lasts years homecoming was a lot of fun despite it being very crowded, I had a lot of fun just chilling and dancing with all my friends,” Sophomore Cristina Camargo said. “I’m sure it will be great again this year.”

The homecoming organizers have been working for a while to make homecoming happen for everyone to enjoy. Some may say homecoming is only a dance, but enjoying a dance is all about how you make it. Student council is hoping the dance will be very successful and fun for all.

“I think that homecoming is part of a high school experience. I think by not going, you’re missing out on a really good experience,” Parent said. “It changes every year. The amount of fun you have is based on the people you go with and how much fun you allow yourself to have.”