The Choice Of A Lifetime

College alternatives unlock future careers


Cooper Cannon

Senior Chase Clancy welds carefully in preparation of his upcoming test.

With most students cheering and celebrating as they receive their college acceptance letter, some students take their own separate path into the world.

Auto Technicians

One alternative to the traditional college route is Automotive and small engine repair which guides students who love to learn about cars on a direct pathway to becoming a professional car mechanic.  

Learning the trade of being an auto mechanic, senior Chris Grogan said working with cars is definitely in his future.

“I don’t think college is best for me because I don’t think waiting four more years to have a job is beneficial,” Grogan said. “I really like to work on cars and in my class I have the option to work on them right after high school. I don’t see the need to work on pointless stuff for four years when I can start working immediately.”

Military Service  

As the world is changing daily, some decided to take the initiative and join the United States armed forces. The Klein Oak ROTC program offers a class that teaches students the basics and real life knowledge spanning from the military alphabet to how to properly invest and pay taxes.

Senior Liam Goulden explains why the United States Army is the best path for him.

I decided to join the army for many reasons rather than go to college,” Goulden said.” I wanted to immediately have a job after high school that had good benefits. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was young. I had thought about college, but I was just drawn to the army. It’s like god put a compass in my heart and it pointed to the army. This to me was a calling.”

Goulden is enlisted in the United States Army and is going on to serve four years and 24 weeks as a Cavalry Scout.


With style becoming the new way of life, students learn all the ways to help change people to the look they like best. The cosmetology class helps teach future stylists all the different ways to work with hair, makeup, and all things beauty. Junior Jayden May tells why the workforce is the way to go. 

“I plan on going to work at a salon once I get my cosmetology license,” May said. “Not only will I gain experience from people that have been working in hair for years, but in the cosmetic class we get taught the basics. There are so many things we can do when we just learn from others’ experiences. In college I feel like I might not get the same one on one experience and I won’t get to start doing it immediately.”


With the industry still recovering from COVID, hiring welders is becoming more and more important for the economy. Helping the cause, the welding course gives students the chance to earn all of the required certification to start working directly after high school. Senior Landon Harville explains why welding is his calling.    

“I plan on going to do offshore welding because the pay has a great upside,” Harville said.” I  love the experience I am going to get while doing it. I don’t really plan on going to college because I can go straight into an amazing paying job that needs a lot of people, and second it also is a lot of fun and I don’t have to wait four years to do it.”