Organizing Clubs to Join

Groups make comeback after COVID restrictions lift

To join a club, or to not to join a club. The decision is up to you. However, Klein Oak holds a variety of clubs to choose from. Some are more well known than others while some are new and some are old. No matter what, each club holds a special place in the school and offers a source of community and involvement for each student. 

  • Bowling 

To get the ball rolling, Bowling Club offers an active way to get involved while enjoying the air conditioning. Senior bowler Reagan Rogers is excited to welcome new members onto their team this season. 

“We have tryouts to see who’s qualified to be on varsity and who will be on junior varsity, and then once we’re divided, we can start practicing on Tuesdays and that’ll prepare us for the meets,” senior Reagan Rogers said. 

Other than competing with other districts, the Bowling Club offers something special for new members. 

“Something interesting is that you can actually earn your letterman [jacket] the day you join,” Rogers said.  

  • Drama Club

Not to be dramatic but Drama Club is thrilled for their new “rebranding” of Drama Club. In past years, Drama Club has only been exclusive to theatre members. This year it is open to students outside of theatre as a way to showcase more talent and get a variety of people involved.

“We have planned out multiple socials and parties throughout the year along with announcing opportunities to learn about Klein Oak Drama Club at open houses, orientations, and morning announcements, senior Drama Club President Emma Hunt said. “I am super stoked to meet members of the drama club that weren’t previously involved in production theatre. There’s a ton of talent in our school, and we’ve just scraped the surface!” 

Besides the Drama Club’s talented expertise, they are also highlighting their talents towards giving back to the community as well. 

Not only do we put on incredible shows, but we become a part of our community through multiple service events throughout the year,” Hunt said. 

  • Debate

You can’t argue with the fact that the Debate Team is extremely excited about this school year. They have been composing research and devising the best information to get ready for this new debate season. 

Currently I am preparing for Debate by doing more research on current events happening in and outside the United States,” senior Skyler Wade said. I am also creating and researching for new pieces to be able to perform and compete at tournaments this year.” 

Last year, because of COVID, the team couldn’t compete, so they are prepared to get back into the swing of things this year. 

“I am most looking forward to going out and competing at tournaments again since we could not go and compete last year. Something interesting about Debate is the ability to compete against peers from the area, state, and country.”

Debate Club is a great opportunity to brush up on your public speaking skills and to also learn about a variety of topics on a deeper level. 

  • Science NHS

If you haven’t felt like any of these clubs have interest maybe you’ll find some chemistry with fairly new Science National Honor Society. The last time Science NHS was active was 2019, but it is finally starting up again this year.

The club has taken a two year hiatus from SciNHS and they are doing their best to revive the club and bring it back to life. Most of the hard work is being done by one of the representatives, senior Jason Wang.  He has been getting the word out and helping students to access our new Schoology group. 

Behind all the science, SciNHS is getting innovative with their ideas for this upcoming year. 

According to the sponsor, science teacher Evin Eiteljorge, his year, SciNHS will help to run the Science Club.  Science Club is the sibling club; the officers and members of SciNHS help to put that on.  It is a club that is open to all students regardless of GPA where we do fun activities that promote science.

The clubs together will complete different experiments or labs for fun but without all of the usual report work that comes with a normal science class. The club is also considering ways to bring back a recycling program to Oak.

  • Robotics Club

If you feel like the talk of clubs has DRONEd on for much too long then maybe this club will interest you. The Robotics Club is hard at work preparing each team member with the skills to build successful robots. 

“Currently the KISD Robotics Team is in preseason and the coaches and team members are working to equip our new members with the skills needed to build our competition robot once the season starts,” Robotics Club Sponsor Rigoberto Zavala said.