Dress for Success or Dress for Rest?

Students opt for comfort whether online or on campus


Mart Production for Pexels

With students at home spending hours online for class, comfort has become a necessity. On campus students have also started following the comfortable clothing trends.

Bunny slippers delicately cover the feet as they shuffle across a floor. Wildly colored pajama bottoms are picked out in a crowd, accompanied by a relaxed slouch. But these slouches can also be accompanied by the softness of sweatpants or the comfortable hug of the good oversized sweatshirt.

Stress and school are joined hand in hand in the lives of many students, but one thing definitely makes it more bearable: doing it comfortably. This can mean many things, but can also include dressing in pajamas.

“I would wear pajamas every day if I could,” senior Gabriel Alvarez said. “[It makes me] feel free.”

Choosing a more comfortable approach to what to wear to school is not a new concept. For some, this way of dressing has been influenced by external factors.

“It’s senior year and I’ve gotten lazy,” senior Paxton Hulsey said.

But for others, they are treating this year like any other, fully intending to be comfortable for the most of it.

“I haven’t changed [how I dress] this year, “ senior on-campus student Kaden Rainey said. “I can see how it has changed the online students and what they wear, but I am an on-campus student. I just dress the same as any other year. Nothing new. I’ve always dressed this way. Comfortably.”

But despite the overwhelming response towards dressing comfortably, there are some who still show out with style when given the chance.

“I like to express [myself] through [what I wear],” senior Araceli Galeana said. “Many trends in social media have influenced what I wear now. But I would still wear pajamas every day if I could since it is the most comfortable thing to wear at home.”