Battle of the Bulge

Creative ways to stay active while stuck indoors


Besides a day of learning-at-home online assignments, students are finding ways to stay active as well. Some find their workout inspiration from memes.

Just because you’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stay active. Here are some different ways you can maintain your fitness for free, while still being in the comfort of your home.


Create a feeling of calmness by practicing yoga. “Yoga with Adriene” is a Youtube channel filled with yoga sessions of all kinds, including standing and sitting yoga. She also has a class for almost any emotion you’re feeling. From getting out a mat for the first time to being a yoga expert, this channel has many sessions to choose from for beginners all the way up to experts.


Dance your way through quarantine with live dance classes. Websites like and provide plenty of information on online classes of all levels. You have a numerous number of dance styles to choose from, such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, etc. Most classes are held on social medias’ live feature.  Others are held on Zoom. Just scroll through these websites, find a class you’re willing to take, click on the link, and get ready to dance.


If neither of those ways are calling your name, “Popsugar Fitness” will definitely help you out. “Popsugar Fitness” is a Youtube channel with a variety of workout content. You can take almost any length and type of class you want, such as abs, arms, legs, cardio, and much more. This channel also has an app. “Active” by Popsugar lets you take part in challenges and create a workout schedule just for you. Each day will bring a new way to sweat with these workouts.

Not all ways to keep moving have to be on a device.

  • Take a run/ walk outside
  • Walk your dog
  • Ride your bike

Whatever you choose to do, don’t eat all of your quarantine snacks at once.