Seeing Double

Identical twins work way through high school with extra help


Claire Kramer

Elder twin sister get ready to go to prom as identical young twin sisters see them off. Two sets of identical twins in one family is a one in 70,000 chance.

As you walk through the hall, do a double take. You may see the same faces, but they may have different personalities. Students at Klein Oak see an even more unusual occurrence. Besides the normal sets of identical twins, one family has two sets of identical twins on different phases of their high school journey.


Identical twins are some of the most unique type of twins in the world. Three in 1000 twins are identical, 11 times less than the total birth rate. 


“I love seeing identical twins in the hall and always wish I had one. I think its so cool that you can have a sibling that looks just like you,” senior Haley Hufstedler said. “Sometimes I wonder how immense the pressure must be and also which is which.”


As twins grow up together, some say staying connected is the most important while others feel growing to be independent is necessary.


“I feel that not having a twin would make me feel lonelier… but I think I would be more independent,” senior Carlie Kramer said.


Stress is a normal part of high school, but being a twin helps to relieve some of that since they can help one another. 


“School is way easier with a twin. When I don’t understand something, Abdullah helps me understand and I can help him,” junior Omar Tabanjah said.


Along with helping each other, twins are often found to display a phenomenon known as twin telepathy. This is when twins share common thoughts or actions. Statistics show that 30-40% of twins obtains experience twin telepathy.


“We share our thoughts, our emotions and most of the time being sick together,” junior Chloe Kramer said.


Even higher expectations are set with identical twin sisters freshmen Hannah and Hope Kramer who also have older identical twin sisters seniors Carlie and Chloe Kramer. 


“Sometimes being in their shadow is hard because it’s a lot to live up to,” freshman Hope Kramer said. “But, I love having older twin sisters because they are cool, the best and are a great example.”