Get Your Daily Double Doozies

Teens race to local hot spots for after school sips, bites


Abbi Wright

After a long week of school, junior Julia Wright eases into her weekend with a quick stop to Nektar for a hearty acai bowl. “Nektar is my favorite place to grab a healthy snack,” Wright said. The average cost of a bowl is around $9.

Snacks are crucial, especially after eight hours of school. Many students are hitting up the most popular places around town to get their favorite foods to munch on.

One place to get a caffeine fix is Starbucks. It’s the place to go for quick energy to get through hours of homework. Many students raid the café after school for coffees, teas, pastries and food.

“Having a refreshing drink after school is critical, especially after a long day. I love to get the White Chocolate Mocha because it gives you the perfect amount of sweet and caffeine,” senior Riley Klawiter said.

One of the up and coming places is Coco Crepes located in Vintage Park. Crepes are thin pancakes that can either be sweet or savory. These crepes are all the rave this year and they don’t only sell sweet and savory crepes, they also have a paninis and soups and salad.

“I love coming here when I have a sweet tooth. My favorite crepe to get is the S’mores one because who doesn’t love S’mores,” freshman Avery Fuhr said.

Another popular after school snack place is I Heart Boba. This has been one of the most popular places in the area. Boba is different types of tea that have tapioca balls at the bottom of the drink. The cups are sealed with a plastic lid that is broken with a large, pointy straw.

“It’s so refreshing, but I also still feel healthy drinking it,” sophomore Clare Bearden said.

In addition, Great American Cookie is another place to go for a sweet snack. They have an assortment of cookies, like the popular creme stuffed Double Doozie, ice cream and milkshakes.

“I love going to Great American Cookie after school because sometimes you just need something sweet after a long day of school,” senior Sarah Althoff said.

In the end, no matter which option students pick to fill their cravings, new establishments like Nektar Juice Bar, are always looking for ways to reel in the teen consumer.

“The acai bowl is my go to. They are so cute and and super filling,” junior Julia Wright said.