StuCo Spreads Holiday Cheer


Jacob McCready

Student delivers gift, surprising Joanie Gill.

In the center of graded papers upon a teachers’ desk sits an anonymous gift and clue waiting to be deciphered by a teacher.

With Christmas break approaching, Student Council presented a Secret Santa for the teachers Dec. 12-14, to 14, having members signup to be someone’s Secret Santa. This year will be the first time doing this, adding a little Christmas cheer to an educator’s day.

“This is the first year we have done this, and we are hoping it works,” Susan Parent said. “In high school, teachers don’t get a lot of gifts, unlike elementary school teachers. We thought it would be a great way to bring in the Christmas spirit.”

On the first day, teachers received a Christmas card containing riddles and hints. To keep identities a surprise, students signed “Secret Santa” on their cards. In addition to the card’s students were able to bring in other gifts for their teacher with a budget of five to ten dollars on Dec. 14.

“I think faculty secret Santa was a great idea. The faculty at Klein Oak is so great and this is an opportunity to show our appreciation for them,” junior StuCo officer Leslie Hernandez said. “I like that the price range was not crazy expensive and the idea of a secret Santa exchange allows the faculty to feel loved and included.”

Around 80 teachers filled out a form stating what they like and don’t like to help the students determine gift ideas. On the last day, teachers received their wrapped gift during school hours. These presents varied from candy and snacks to little trinkets for teachers to have in their classrooms.

“It’s an opportunity for teachers and students to be connected on a different level other than academics and students are able to see us as just a regular person and I am able to see what the student thinks of me by what they would give me.” teacher Gina Ramos said. “Today I got a little ceramic cow and she has a pointer pointing to one plus one is two, which is so me. I like those little trinkets.”

Although there had to be some reminders, the first ever StuCo Secret Santa allowed teachers and students to experience a fun Christmas activity through the receiving and giving of gifts here at on campus.

“We got a good feedback from the teachers and we plan to do it again next year,” junior StuCo officer Dharius Daduya said. “Next year’s plan of action would be to put more planning into it and to really make sure that members are invested into it.”