Final Countdown


Elizabeth Chirko

Sophomore Sarayu Chebbi studies hard in the comfort of her home to prepare for upcoming finals.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year they say. However, not for high school students with midterms just around the corner. It’s time for cramming, sleep deprivation, and stress.

Students take on hours of studying as they prepare themselves for final exams beginning next week.

“I’m not really worried about taking finals for the first time,” freshman Lydia Harvey said. “I’ll just use Quizlet and IXL to study.”

Depending on the student and the class, various study plans accommodate to their habits to earn a high grade in a challenging class.

“Spanish Four and Algebra II are my hardest classes,” sophomore Drew Berra said. “I plan to study a little each night, so I won’t cram or stress.”

Although anxiety seems inevitable, there are ways to overcome it as some students have learned.

“If someone is stressing out, I would say to make a list of everything that needs to be done,” senior Catherine Crawford said. “Then be proactive and stick with the list.”

Midterms supposedly are a way test the material learned from the semester. It’s also a way to show what teachers may need to teach more on.

“I think finals reflects what you learned,” sophomore Silmi Charolia said. “It might show what you haven’t mastered.”

Time is given prior to semester exams as a way to look over previous units learned earlier in the school year.

“We’ve been taught everything that is going to be on our exams,” Berra said. “We need to brush up on our skills, but it’s important to remember it’s just finals; stay calm and remain stress free.”