Capturing Student Moments


Cynthia Butler

Student administrators Zainab Ansari, Maddison Westbrooks, Noah Hayes, and Jenna Bluth pose for a selfie during a meeting.

New student-led social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram have debuted with updates on tech tips and events happening around the campus.

“We have the opportunity to spread school spirit and excitement through our Klein Oak community,” Instagram administrator Jenna Bluth said. “It’s nice to help people be more aware of what’s going on in the school.”

Recognized on Twitter and Instagram by the handle “OakUpClose”, the social media team is comprised of four student administrators posting pictures and updates about current events happening around the school on both platforms. Their first posts focused on the homecoming carnival and the first football game to promote positivity and school spirit.

“I know there’s a lot of social media accounts for our school, but I wanted one more in the life a Klein Oak student, basically the day in and day of,” digital learning specialist Cynthia Butler said. “I wanted to take it [social media] out of the classrooms and wanted more of a student voice for our school for a student perspective, as opposed to a teacher admins. Students pay more attention to other students.”

Butler was inspired to form a student-led social media after reading Social LEADia by author Jennifer Casa-Todd, who stressed the importance of leadership roles and responsibility of students with social media. The team was founded with the objectives of promoting online safety, posting technology tips, covering clubs and organizations opportunities as well as athletic and band achievements from a student perspective.

“There’s many future jobs out there with social media, so it helps prepare students, especially high school students later on,” Butler said. “This something I hope we can carry on. Social media changes over time and what you can do on it, so maybe we’ll have a Snapchat account. Luckily, our administrators are very trusting.”

The team hopes to expand into other platforms and gain more followers and spread more positivity as they cover upcoming events.

“I hope to gain the pleasure of meeting new people and helping to spread positivity and news to the whole school,” Twitter administrator Noah Hayes said. “We’ll be covering the dress up days next!”