Bell App Passes Time


           (Tardy bell goes off), “Uh oh, I’m going to be late!”, is a student’s nightmare at school. Many students don’t know when the school’s bell is about to go off, but thanks to junior William (Cooper) Scott, KO students can.

          The KISD Bell Schedule mobile app was created by Scott for students and administrators in the Klein ISD to know the exact time of when the bell will sound off. The app has been downloaded by countless students and staff and has a 4.5-star rating. Many people have positive comments to say about the useful app.

           “I use the KISD Bell Schedule app often,” one of the counselors of the Class of 2019 students, Shelly Harrison, said. “I think the countdown between classes provides the most benefit to students. Being on time is important.”

          Many teenagers have a dependency on their phone and the KISD Bell Schedule app is an effective way to make sure they have enough time to get to class and not be marked tardy. It also lets students know the exact time a class is in session and when it’s not.

          “The app lets students see the schedule,” sophomore Isaac Benavides said. “I like that because I always have to ask my friends when class is going to end because I always forget.”

          These features are simply easy to access, but Scott admits he faced obstacles while creating it.

          “The challenge was figuring out a way to write for every device only coding one time,” Scott said. “That’s what I use Ionic framework for.”

          Scott and many other app developers find it difficult to create a structure for their app that will be available for different mobile devices. The Ionic framework system allowed Scott to use a specific programming language for his app on both an Android and iPhone device. Since there are many problems that could arise in the process, Scott has a a big tip to share with aspiring app creators.

          “Don’t start out with a big idea, start out with something that’s as simple as a game,” Scott said. “You have to start small before you can start big.”