New Wrestling Coach Joins the Team


Klein Oak welcomes new wrestling coach, Ian Jones, this school year. The wrestlers are excited to have Jones along on their journey to state.

“The new wrestling coach is really a great addition to the team, and I think he’ll be great in the future,” sophomore wrestler Ivan Macedo said.

Jones hopes for this year to be as successful as can be. He favors his job as a coach, despite the temporary sore muscles and exhaustion.

“I hope to take at least five people to state,”  Jones said. “ Being a coach is awesome, tiring, and I go home sore.”

The team members notice his encouragements to build a bond between them and himself.

“He makes me work hard and encourages me to push my limits,” Macedo said. He added that Jones wants to build a strong foundation for the team.

Jones noticed his affinity for wrestling very early on, starting as soon as fifth grade where many affected his choice of careers.

“Athletes and teachers influenced me to become a coach,” Jones Said.  “It [my career choice] was always [to be] a coach.”