Thrilling Summer Getaways


          Long plane rides are well worth the flight when finally arriving to a relaxing destination according to students that have traveled over the summer. Whether it be watching crystal blue waters from a steep cliff of an island, or someplace more thrilling with whitewater rafting in the mountains, both ways of vacations were well spent on trying new experiences.

          Senior Julia Patterson was one of many students who have decided to escape the Texas heat to fly to Spain and tour Europe. Other traveling students have also visited places like Australia and the Rocky Mountains this past summer.

          “I loved experiencing the variety of cultures and everything these countries had to offer,” Patterson said. “The views were absolutely stunning. Santorini, Greece was my favorite place.”

          Following her arrival in Spain, Patterson toured six other countries: Greece, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany. As this was her second time visiting, Patterson again found herself enchanted by the natural beauty and architectural charm of destinations like Munich, she said.

          “I went on this 15 day trip with my whole family,” senior Julia Patterson said. “It was our second time doing this trip, and we all loved it.”

          While senior Sam Greenwald stayed in the US, he also had an adventure, he said. Greenwald went from fishing for dinner in the mountains of Colorado to a vigorous week at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. During the most memorable week of his summer, Greenwald found himself and his patriotic squad members engaged intense workouts and team-building exercises, he said.

          “My grandad, brother and I go about every year on a road trip up there,” Greenwald said. “This year we went to Bishop’s Castle, which was handmade by a man and his sons. I also learned how to really be part of a team with the guys in my squad at the Naval Academy. At one point, we had to swim across a pool with heavy rubber rifles and pass them off so we could make it to the end, and we won because we learned to work together.”

          Another student who traveled was junior Michael Nguyen. Nguyen traveled to the other side of the world with his family members in mid-July. They visited Switzerland and Australia. His favorite place was Cairns, Australia where he had new experiences, Nguyen said.

          “We went to Kuranda, located on the northeast coast, to play with kangaroos and koalas,” Nguyen said. “But my favorite memory was snorkeling, seeing all the amazing fish, and swimming in all the different waterfalls surrounding the mountains-I definitely recommend people to go visit.”

          Summer 2018 was the most memorable for these students as they spent time with friends and family and enriching themselves by traveling.

          “This was definitely my favorite encounter by far,” Nguyen said. “I loved my summer vacation.”