Springing in to Break

A whole week without waking up before the sun can sound like icing on the cake for anyone in high school. And spring break is just around the corner. Lots of students already have plans to go on trips or relax beside the pool.

Students will be enjoying their break by going out of the country, working on school work or volunteering their time.

“It’s a tradition for my dad and I to go somewhere together every spring break,” senior Joshua Weatherhead said. “We are going to Whistler, Canada to ski and snowboard. I’m most excited to spend time with my dad, and try to run down some black diamond courses.”

Other students see spring break as a week to study for upcoming exams or ACT/SAT test. A few uses that time to catch up with their school work as well, so they can come back to school refreshed and all caught up. And when students return from break they are in their final stretch with 10 weeks left until they are let out for Summer break. That’s also when Senioritis comes out of the shadows.

“I’m taking my break time to complete all my assignments that I’ve missed from all my school activities,” senior Julie Miller said. “Senioritis is real, and I want to be on track when I return to school, so my last couple of weeks at Oak aren’t as stressful.”

Some teens are taking advantage of their free time and going  on a mission trip to volunteer their vacation helping others. Over break they could be somewhere new learning about leadership and how to spread positivity to their friends and families. They are using their break time to grow closer to their beliefs and create new relationships.  Students will be getting dirty while building houses and lending a helping hand at a local charity.

“I’m going to a camp called Shepard of the Ozarks in Harriet, Arkansas,” junior Hannah Park said. “I am going with the students that are involved in the student ministry and bible study groups, so we can shape our education on sharing God’s work and help building homes for the people that deserve it the most, it’s a perfect way to spend my break.”