Galentines Celebration

Pink and red balloons cover the room. The kitchen is filled with a bunch of girls ready to celebrate their friendship over chocolate and RomComs. Galantines Day is coming and girls are getting ready for it.

Many girls plan on participating in Galantines Day, a new holiday with girls coming together for a night of fun, throughout the month of February, to celebrate their friendship with one another.

“I will be hosting a Galantine’s day party for my close friends, and anyone else they want to bring,” junior Leslie Alvaraz said. “I wanted to throw this party because I thought it would be a good way to spend time with friends and show them how much they matter to each other.”

While some girls have made sure their parties were larger than life, other groups made sure it was just close friends to make it more memorable. Playing small games and just appreciating each other’s company makes for an amazing evening.

“For Galantine’s day this year it will just be me and a few other girls,” junior Laura Quinn said. “We will make food, watch movies and just hangout. We wanted to do it to celebrate the love we share through friendship.”

Galantine’s day does not only affect singles. Some girls in relationships are still participating in Galantines day because their girl friends are just as important as their boyfriends.

“My girlfriend is actually going to a Galantines day party this weekend,” senior Ariel Campanioni said. “I think it’ll be good for her to see her other friends and show them she loves them a lot too.