Possible Meal Changes for the District

There’s nothing better than getting to be a food critic for a day where ones’ opinions over the food quality is valued.  A variety of pizza, muffins, French toast, steak fingers and more all placed right before you sounds like a day in food-coma heaven.

Klein High school hosted the district’s food survey event on January 11 where students provided feedback on school menu items to better the future selections.

“The experience was so much fun,” junior Leslie Alvarez said. “Most of the food was perfect and I was super happy to meet new people and try something new. I usually don’t eat school lunches but after this experience I will start to.”

Middle school and elementary students also attended the survey. Although the students chosen from this campus were selected by random from freshman to junior grade levels. Because the gathering was off campus and during school hours, many people kindly declined the offer to be present, however the absences were excused.

“This occasion was planned sort of last minute and there was only a week to choose a handful of students so the ones that were picked were recommended by counselors and interviewed,” Mr. Anderson, Food service coordinator and freshman assistant principal, said. “About 43 students were recommended and only 20 were able to come. The districts food services provided a bus for each school joining and it was a great experience but we all ate too much.”

A variety of pizza, muffins, French toast and more were brought out to the students to taste test and give feedback.  Along with the food served, pencils and paper were provided for each person to rate the food by appearance, taste and additional comments.

“It was so much fun. We had six rounds of different types of food and some of them were delicious but others not so much,” freshman Grace McCoy said. “I would gladly go back and do this again. We were told that we could possibly start seeing the food items we tried in the spring at school which is pretty cool.”