Out for the Holidays

Christmas break is the perfect time for a family vacation. Many students traveled to exotic places this year to celebrate their two weeks off. Whether they were soaking up the sun or learning more about a far-off place this break was one for the books.

Traveling over break is always full of exciting new things. Getting out of town to experience things you’ve never done before creates life long memories.

“This Christmas we went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” sophomore Dharius Daduya said. “I went with my family, we went zip lining, scuba diving and cliff jumping”

Some students didn’t go quite as far, but are still made this a memorable Christmas. Spending time away from home in a new environment is something exciting for the whole family.

“Over Christmas break my family and I went to Hawaii to celebrate my parents 10-year anniversary,” junior Sydney Grutzmacher said. “First we went to Maui and then to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Honolulu.”

Other students were able to live out their life long dreams. Spending around a week in a new place getting to experience new culture and new activities this break is something to keep people jolly.

“This break me and my family went to Sydney, Australia for the first time,” freshman Macie Thompson said. “My parents have wanted to go there for forever and we finally got to go. It was such a good Christmas.”