Seasonal Showtimes

It is the season of family and friends. Time to make some hot cocoa, grab your blankets and loved ones to head over to the movie theater. Every family has their own Christmas traditions, and some consist of going to see a movie on Christmas Day surrounded unfamiliar yet friendly strangers or not.

Some family’s would rather spend time together outside of their homes, enjoying the jolly atmosphere while watching their favorite classics and drinking hot cocoa.

“My family and I love watching movies together and Christmas Day is the best time to do it,” sophomore, Ethan Perez said. “Our family can’t think of another way to spend the holidays other than being surrounded by other families who share the same tradition.”

Every year, movie theaters play movies for people to come and spend the holiday with people. Some people don’t have family to celebrate with, so, they go to the theater and help spread holiday cheer with others. Some attend the theater to connect with the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of giving and spending quality time with one other.  Many attend the showings in order to relive past Christmas festivities, to remember a good time.

“Our tradition itself is a great excuse for us to leave the house and do something as a family.” Senior, Kira Linehan said. “It’s enjoyable to see the movies in the theatre again, it brings back such precious memoires.”

The movie theaters sell hot chocolate and decorate the lobby with Christmas décor. Theaters try and make the building as festive and warm as they possible. Star Wars is coming out on the 15th and many are excited to see it, along with The Greatest Showman, Ferdinand, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Down Sizing and Pitch Perfect.

“It’s a family tradition to watch a movie on Christmas Day and this year, Star War is out.” Senior, Michael Smith said. “The new movies that are being released are like my Christmas presents.”