Black Friday Business

Parking lots are filled with tents and chairs days before the race begins. The long lines, swarms of eager shoppers and limited prized parking spaces are some of the sights you are promised to come across if you choose to go out into the dangerous shopping world.

Black Friday is advertised as the biggest shopping day of the year, having the best deals that attract shoppers to save money.

“There were some really good deals this year and I ended up saving a lot of money,” junior Jessica Wilson said. “My mom and I go every year right after thanksgiving dinner and the crowds honestly weren’t that crazy this year compared to the previous years. Plus, it’s always worth taking the trip out, we have a lot of fun.”

Others choose to have the convenience of having the gifts delivered to their doors. Online black Friday shopping has become more and more popular for the reason of skipping out on the crazed mobs.

“Online shopping is definitely the way to go when it comes to the whole Black Friday deal,” sophomore Lura Joseph said. “It’s better because I can choose everything I want without having to worry if it’s sold out or not in my size. Plus, I get to stay right at home and save my time from all the chaos I’ve always heard about.”

Many of the workers who are scheduled to work these few days lose sleep time for stocking the shelves, working long hours and filing each cash register position to get ready for the hectic day.

“The preparation starts a few days before the doors open,” junior Genna Miller, a Carters employee said. “I was working the register and It was so stressful I cried. There were so many people buying a lot at one time because the whole store was 60 percent off. One of the busiest nights I have ever worked for sure.”