Not Just a Jersey

On game night, Klein Oak football players step on the turf, bearing their black and gold jerseys to represent their team and school. But, this year, teachers are taking their turn to represent the team, not on the field, but on campus.

Starting this season, our varsity coaches have started a new tradition of having every member of the team on game day choose a teacher to wear their jersey for the day to raise school spirit and show respect to beloved teachers.

“It’s to let them know that they’re a part of what we have going on,” said Varsity player Draven Espinoza about the new tradition. “It’s not just the players involved, but the faculty and everybody else as well.”

The new tradition has increased interest in football for the student body, with many students asking their teachers whose jersey they are wearing for the day. Some find it fun to see their teacher in football attire, while others find it uplifting.

“Seeing my teachers wearing these jerseys that don’t fit them and having fun doing it makes the whole class seem more fun,” said junior Mason Dietel. “I definitely look forward to it.”

Many teachers have a blast participating in the event as well, finding it to be an effective way to support players and get their students involved with it as well.

“We really enjoyed it,” teacher Angel James said. “It gives us a way to show our students off in a different way…all of us teachers get to support the team”.

Though in it’s first year, the teacher jersey give away has caught on fast, and the students and teachers look forward to its return next year. This year has provided a solid base for a new tradition to build upon.

“I felt like a mini celebrity at Klein Oak for the day,” said Mrs. James. “It’s just really special to be able to represent my students like this.”