Homecoming Helpers

As the end of October is approaching, so is Homecoming that comes along with many stressful events in planning for this special day. One thing many girls obsess over is how their hair and makeup are going to get done and who’s going to do it. Places like Sephora can cost as much as $50 which is a high amount for a onetime event. However, there is a solution to this issue. There are a handful of people at school who are willing to do hair and makeup for far less than 50 dollars and their just as good.

Some of the students giving their assistance for homecoming have ample amounts of people asking for their help. Sometimes even people who don’t even attend Klein Oak are asking for assistance for their homecoming.

“I’ve had about 20 to 30 people ask if I could do their makeup for homecoming from schools all around,” junior Jordyn Lockhardt said. “This year I have about 19 girls I’m helping out.”

The time it takes these students to successfully pull off a look is about the same time it would take at a professional place, but you are able to stay in your own home, and create a new friendship with someone you go to school with.

“It usually takes me about an hour depending on the intricacy of the looks,” junior Lindsey Constantine says. “I almost always go to their house, that way they can be comfortable, and I;; have access to their color makeup.”

From cheap prices to the reason they decided to show off their artistic ability, these students are changing lives and boosting confidence by making girls look stunning at homecoming.

“I charge about $30 depending on how much product I will use on the look, junior William Lux said. “I love how something as simple as doing someone’s makeup can change a whole person into feeling 10 times more glamorous and good about themselves.”