Hoco or No Show

Malls fill with eager teens, searching for the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and the perfect makeup. Endless chatter is exchanged between the high school students as they examine all the options and possibilities of what they’ll wear and which friends they’ll spend Homecoming night with.

With Homecoming season in full swing, many students are facing the dilemma whether or not they should attend the school sponsored dance.

“I went to the actual Homecoming dance my Freshman year and it was really fun,” senior Liz Hughes said. “I’m excited because it’s my last year and I can’t wait to live it up with all my friends.”

Although many students plan on spending the night the typical way, many others are getting creative by not centering the whole night at simply the dance or a fancy dinner, but rather on group activities they will do after.

“My group is planning on leaving the dance early because we think we’ll get tired after three hours of dancing,” senior Eden Howard said. “We want to go back to our friend’s house with enough time to start a fire in her backyard, roast marshmallows and make smores, go hot-tubbing and watch a movie.”

Many seniors have decided to skip out on Homecoming their last year, and instead save their money for college or to splurge on prom. Many of them still plan to spend the night with their friends, but in a more casual environment.

“Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on hair, jewelry, makeup, nails, shoes, a dress and a mum, my friends and I are just going to dress casually and go out to eat at a nice restaurant off Market Street in the Woodlands,” senior Hannah Molen said. “We’re also going to the homecoming football game so I’m basically getting the experience, minus the dance and mum, and still saving money.”

Even though many are deciding to skip the dance, there is still the usual crowd of those who wouldn’t miss it. Many are excited to attend the entirety of the Homecoming dance and look forward to spending the night surrounded by their friends, music and dancing.

“I’m so excited to be able to dress up with my friends and just have fun,” freshman Christina Hartmann said. “This is going be my first year at homecoming and I can’t wait.”