Grow Your Knowledge

Students and Faculty are fortunate enough to have our own greenhouse on campus. Teens can have an opportunity to study plants in hopes to help increase future jobs in the horticulture business when they take this class.

Students that are in the horticulture class are maintaining their very own greenhouse in hopes to grow any type of plants of their own.

“Students take this course to prepare them for future careers, growing their own plants, landscaping their homes and learning what is in their produce,” Horticulture Teacher, Catherine Schmidt said. Students study plants and their growth, such as how to water them correctly, so, they don’t over water or mismanage them.

According to the, Horticulture and gardening is very socially important. It help students learn how to grow their own organic foods and help repair the environment. Plants need about one inch of water per week and a constant schedule, students would learn all this and more when they take the class.

“I took this class because I wanted to learn how to grow my own garden, I’m more interested in learning about the food.” Senior, Landon Flamio said.

In the greenhouse, the teens plant the bedding plants first, such as impatiens begonias, and snapdragons. Students can grow plants of their choice after the complete what they’ve been assigned. To maintain a perfect garden, Its important to have a place to grow the plants that have a ton of sun, air, water, and nutrients.

“I plan to take this course next year because I can’t keep anything alive and there is still so much I don’t know that revolves around the environment and what is in my food.” Junior, Emma Wedin said,