Painting your Spot

The Class of 2018’s chosen fundraiser for the school year is for students to express their creativity by painting and decorating their parking spots.

“All the money raised from the parking lot fundraiser will go to the senior luncheon fund,” Gina Ramos said.

To participate in this activity, you can pick up a flier in Mrs. Ramos’ room and pay a fee of $20. A rough draft of the parking spot must also be approved in order to ensure that all spots will be appropriately painted.

“It’s really easy,” senior Kylie Watson said. “You have to pick up a form from Mrs. Ramos, fill it out and do a draft of what you want you spot to look like. Then all you have to do is get the materials.”

The Fundraiser has been rescheduled twice throughout the beginning of the school year, the first to take place Sunday, 15 October. The current prospective date is Sunday, 12 November.

“The second date was scratched due to the chance of rain,” Mrs. Ramos said. “Mother nature is tricky. If there is even a 30 percent chance of rain it becomes ‘ify’ because a small passing through shower can wash away hours of work and money spent on paint.”

Not only will this fundraiser greatly benefit the Class of 2018, but it also benefits the students, who will now be able to find their parking spots quicker and will have a piece of their hard work there to greet them.

“I’m excited to participate in this fundraiser because it’s a way to express your ideas on a parking spot,” senior Katie Moorehead said.