Dashing Debonair


A stage full of smart, funny, powerful, big, short, and especially charming guys is only seen at the school on one night a year, and that night is the night of Mr. Debonair. Annually, the boys of the school come together and put on a men’s beauty pageant to help raise money for the student council picked charity, and give the student body some prime entertainment.
Friday, February 10 marked the 7th annual Mr. Debonair contest. Senior Trevor Payne won the title of Mr. Debonair and the show concluded with a dance performance from all of the contestants, making Debonair a success.
“I love debonair because we don’t only get to have fun and be weird in front of everyone, but we’re doing it all for a good cause, which is what makes all of the humiliation worth it,” Mr. Sophomore Luke Sexton said.
One of the main aspects of Debonair is the cause. Every year the student council picks a charity to donate all of the proceeds from the show to. This year they chose the Houston Children’s charity. The organization helps provide resources for impoverished children.
“The fact that all of this non sense that happens during Debonair is all for charity makes is so much more approachable to the student body, I think.” Student council member Tori Borden said.
Every year, student council has to sell Debonair tickets almost two weeks in advanced because selling the tickets just at the door holds up the show and takes up time. This year the auditorium seats were filled up completely again because the demand was so high to attend the event.
“Since I’m only a freshman, I didn’t know how big Debonair was until the whole process started. The school goes crazy over it,” Mr. Freshman Dharius Daduya said.
The way the nominations work is that each club or organization within the school chooses one guy to be a part of the show and compete to win the title of Mr. Debonair. Many different guys from each grade and groups get together to make this great show happen.
“It’s really cool to see all the guys from all over the school come together to make such a fun and entertaining thing happen,” Sexton said.
The guys have a fun time not only performing in the show but preparing and rehearsing for it as well. They take the week before the show to talk about the process and get everything organized so it runs smoothly.