Did You Just Art?

Entering the building, imploring eyes looked around at the creative atmosphere they were there to observe and learn from.

On Tuesday, October 4th, selected art students took a field trip to downtown Houston to visit the Houston Rental Studio to strengthen their artistic abilities.

“This trip was a combination of the Klein Oak Dance company, the Break Krew, the advanced drawing kids, and the Photography 4 kids. The photography students took photos on their phones to gather experience and the drawing students worked on drawing from direct observation, which takes more time and concentration than their usual stuff,” Art teacher Jennifer Schiebel said.

In addition to their hard work, the art students used some of their time to enjoy some of their day away from school.

“I enjoyed this trip because I was ecstatic to spend the day with my best friends,” Senior Avery Rumsey said.

Apart from spending time with friends, other students had their own reasons as to why they liked the trip.

“I loved this trip. I thought it was so productive and fun,” Senior photography student Morgan Whiddon said.

Though the trip was pleasant and entertaining, with the students observing the studio and drawing and capturing images of it, it was also a creative learning space for students to perfect their crafts.

“I learned so much from this trip,” senior photography student Jade Jarzombek said. “But one of the biggest things I learned was that lighting is really important.”

Apart from things students took away with them, the trip also gave them a unique and close-up learning experience.

“To get studio space in a professional setting like this was good for us, because it showed us how lighting really works, how the studio functioned, and it showed us a good hands-on experience to take back and use in the rest of our projects.” Schiebel said.

Art is a class that seems very creative. It allows the kids to express themselves every day through their drawings, paintings and pictures, which in turn helps them to think more outside the box in life by giving them creative outlets early on.

“I love that I have freedom in art class,” Whiddon said. “I also love the open creativity it offers.”

This trip has been an overall success with the advanced art students. They not only learned valuable things while there, but also ended up having a good time.

“To sum it up, this trip was great. It was very exciting, and not to mention a great learning experience.” Jarzombek said.