Carnival Configuration


When Homecoming rolls around, high school students all over the Klein district relate the week of the big dance to daily dress up days, and mums and garters. However, we have an annual Homecoming carnival added to the excitement.

The carnival is a big celebration for Homecoming prepared and planned by our student council members. Along with the planning of the Homecoming dance itself, student council also plans all of the carnival and its attributions.

“We start planning the carnival about two weeks before the week of Homecoming.” Student council officer Tori Borden said.

Every year the carnival has many booths set up in the bus parking lot. Each booth is run by a different club, like choir, strutters, and NHS.

“Usually there are about 50 booths a year,” Student Council Officer Devon Sayre said, “They take up all available space.”

Since there are so many booths, figuring out where each one is placed isn’t an easy job, the student council members have to take into consideration the space needed for certain booths and the estimated popularity of the booth to place them all in the right spots that would work best for the success of the carnival.

“In order to have all of the booths work properly and smoothly, we place them in certain parts of the area given. We get released from our 2nd period classes 30 minutes early to set up signs where each club’s booth is supposed to be at. After that it takes around an hour and a half for all of the clubs to set up.” Borden said.

Once the booths are ready and the first lunch bell rings, the chaos begins. The commons becomes much like a swarm of bees, everyone rushes into the madness, hoping to get to their favorite booths in time before everything is gone or the lines get too long. Every student in STUCO has a favorite booth.

“My favorite part of the carnival is getting to work at the student council booth and seeing all of my friends in the various lunches.” Sayre said.

This year the carnival will be held at all extended lunches on October 14, the day before the homecoming dance on October 15th. Make sure to be prepared for the crowds and loud music!