Service with a Smile


Lindsey Constantine, Reporter

Every morning at around 11:00-12:00, students pile into the commons area for lunch. Some walk in with a group, some with their best friends, others alone. They walk up to their line of choice, order what they desire, then walk to their seats at the tables. When you go through this process on a daily basis, you don’t think much of it or the people making it happen, but behind the scenes of what you see, there is a whole other world there in the back of the cafeteria.

Behind the walls of the Klein Oak Café, there are tons of people working hard for the kids to have food ready, but students don’t really understand what these men and women do for them.

“I’m not too sure the students understand how much time and effort goes into a concept as simple as food to eat.” Cafeteria manager Angela Tibbs said.

This year is Co- Cafeteria manager Belinda Prophet’s first year at Klein Oak, unlike Ms. Tibbs who has been with us at Oak for five years. To them, it’s more than just a job.

“I work here because I love Klein ISD and I love to be here to help and nourish the students with healthy food to eat.” Angela said.

In 2010, the Healthy, Hunger-free kids act was enforced to all public schools in America to serve all foods of higher nutrition to hopefully help with downsizing child obesity and overall help more kids get on a healthier eating schedule. This act has changed multiple food choices and pricing for our schools cafeteria, resulting in a few new lines as well.

“The new act impacted a lot with our past menu and selection in the lines, its added healthier whole grain products and required more vegetables and fruit. It’s also given our students more variety in the difference of lines.” Ms. Prophet said.

Now along with the menus and healthier food, there comes a dietitian, Chantel Dybala. She helps with figuring out what foods to serve and what gets served when.

“Chantel also helps us budget and plan meals for the weeks.” Ms. Tibbs said.

With the responsibility of feeding thousands of kids’ breakfast and lunch every day and needing enough food and preparing for it all, the men and women in the cafeteria have to put in a lot of time and effort in order for everything to go smoothly daily.

“Most of us usually wake up around 4:45, or even earlier depending on where we live, to be here by 5:45 to start cooking breakfast.” Ms. Prophet said.

These people behind the counters of the cafeteria are souly here for the benefit of the students and their needs.

“Ultimately, we work here because we love the kids and getting to see them grow and go through high school is wonderful to watch.” Ms. Prophet said.