Giddy Up, Houston!

Rodeo lineup lassos various reactions from concert goers


Photo Courtesy of Cat Leone

Before class, junior Cat Leone and a favorite substitute ‘Mr. Bob’ show off their Go Texan Day attire. Although some students wear boots and jeans regularly to school, this Houston-wide dress up day signifies the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Colorful flashing lights, smoke-filled air and new voices every day. The crowds cheering grows louder as their favorite artists appear, front and center, to give the performance of a lifetime.

After many months of anticipation, the 2019 Houston Rodeo lineup was released on Jan 3 and given a wide range of artists for everyone’s personal preference. This variety includes music from country all the way to rap.

“This year the Houston Rodeo has had one of the best pop/hip hop artists [Cardi B] since the Jonas Brothers,” sophomore Avery Tafelski said.

The chosen performers seem to be making many satisfied with a rush a positive emotion. Even people who have never been to the rodeo are excited about the lineup this year.

“After hearing that Zedd will be at the rodeo, I’m tempted to go,” sophomore Yen Nhi Nguyen said. “His music can put you into a happy mood in an instant and I know a lot of people would agree.”

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has even included some unexpected guests who are popular in the music industry.

“I think it’s great that they have Panic at The Disco because that’s a great band,” sophomore Madi Grimes said.

Although the entertainment committee secured acts who have generated many positive responses towards the lineup, other people are not happy about the choices of performers.

“None of the artists really stuck out to me,” sophomore Tori Wilson said. “It might just be my taste in artists, but I don’t think the lineup is worth going.”

Being inclusive to everyone remains quite hard, however in this year’s lineup, more pop artists have been selected to perform than before.

Others enjoy the singers that were selected but some remain disappointed that more doesn’t take place.

“It’s crazy that they actually got Cardi B to perform, I would have never expected her at the rodeo,” sophomore Grimes said.

Even with the increased number of pop stars, other students said they needed more artists to represent the younger generation.

Jill Swanson
Taking part in Go Texan Day, sophomore Jake Curl shows off his digs.

“They should get singers that are more popular,” sophomore Nacole Smith said. “They got Cardi B and Blink 182 but instead of having a bunch of old country singers they should have Drake or other popular artists.”

Needless to say, some people deem quite emotionless about the artists who will be performing.

“If I were to go, I would see Panic at the Disco because there aren’t many good performers,” sophomore Madeline Averkiades said.

Overall the lineup has mixed reviews but for the most part the rodeo never fails to treat its fellow cowboys and cowgirls to a good time and generates 14 million per year to support the scholarships