Bird Box


Emi Velez

Viewers attempting the Birdbox challenge.

Movie viewers are blindly, literally, attempting daily tasks in public places blindfolded as a way to mimic Sandra Bullock’s character in the film, The Bird Box. The attempts of this challenge have resulted in automobile collisions or injuries.

One of Netflix’s newest films, Bird Box, is a post-apocalyptic film starring Sandra Bullock that follows her journey to find a safe haven in an intangible-creature-riddled world. The creatures are known for their invisibility, religious origins and the causing suicide at the sight of them.

“These monster things; if you see them, they make you kill yourself,” freshman Elijah Dendinger said. “There are these crazy people that, when they look at them, they say they’re beautiful.”

One particular detail that stands out in the film to viewers is the characters’ blindfolded appearance that for some unknown reason, teens and adults have developed the desire to try doing daily activities with blindfolds on, just like the actors.

“People just put on a blindfold and go into public,” Dendinger said. “I’m pretty sure somebody got into a crash.”

With all the hype that came with the outbreak of this irresponsible challenge, a few people had their laughs in the very beginning, but they eventually realized the unintelligible nature of the Bird Box challenge.

“It’s kind of funny,” freshman Annabelle Bryant said. “But, it’s also kind of stupid.”

Despite this, several recognizable faces in the media have decided to try their hand, or in this case, their lack of vision, in attempting daily tasks blindfolded.

“I saw a video of Sean Lowe [another Youtuber],” Bryant said. “He had a blindfold on and was just walking.”

After an incident in Utah involving a teen operating a vehicle while attempting the Bird Box challenge who collided with another vehicle, Netflix put out a warning to avoid this challenge. Netflix said that the film’s characters, Boy and Girl, have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you [viewers] not end up in the hospital due to memes.

All jokes aside, Dendinger said this challenge that has disturbed the peace in public is being made a bigger deal by the media.

“I think the media makes it a bigger deal then it actually is,” Dendinger said. “I think they should tone it down a bit.”

However, Bryant upholds that the individuals who have attempted this challenge intended to gain attention through their actions, thus they are being given what they wanted when the situation isn’t handled properly.

“I think there should be discipline,” Bryant said. “Giving people the spotlight after [the challenge] is giving them what they wanted.”