Bright Star Review


Jacob McCready

Lizzy Cooper, Ava Bryant and Hayden Olds star in the latest theater production, Bright Star.

Two stories and one connected destiny. Two people lost before and now reunited to share the bond that was once broken so long ago. The story of Alice Murphy, a young adult at the time falls in love with the mayor’s son. The love she once feels for the heartthrob of a small town man, Jimmy Ray, and that love and passion produces a child named Billy. Soon that relationship is broken by Jimmy’s ambitious parents and Alice’s young son is whisked away from her.

After the students were able to experience and feel the aura of the play at the previews, they brought their parents, friends, and family to watch the whole play last week.

In the small hilly town of Zebulon, NC a romance comes to life. The female lead of this play, sophomore Ava Bryant, describes her perception of the musical as “The happiest tragedy”. Ava also said she feels a strong connection to the character and as the character is who she would aspire to be.

“Confidence, Passion and Independence,” Bryant said. “Her personality lights me up like no others.”

Being from the well-known family of the mayor, senior Aaron Kersey played a role of maintaining his family name, yet maintaining the boy next door image. Having a different point of view and background in the play, he saw a connection to his character that he wouldn’t have found with the other characters.

“I feel Jimmy Ray is not just some character, but a part of me,” Kersey said. “The connection between Jimmy and Ava in the play feels so real between the two of us”

After watching the play, many fans were cheery, happy and teary from the love tragedy they experienced. The play shifts from the past teenage relationship to the future when Billy is grown up and Alice is a major journalist.

“A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”, sophomore Grace Hoelscher said. “Seeing your peers play a full on ‘Broadway show’ in front of you was better than any movie on a cinema screen”.