Holiday Hype

If you’ve listened to the radio or scroll through any social media platform recently, then, you have already seen people with their Christmas trees and lights up ready for the big day. Even before Thanksgiving, people were seen already having their house fully decorated in festive attire. The Christmas hype has arrived early this year.

On December 1st, the popular TV event “25 Days of Christmas” produced by the Hallmark channel begins. People grab their hot cocoa and love ones to watch one of the most anticipated TV event of the year. The program airs around 10 Christmas movies from classics to world premieres, such as Elf, The Polar Express, Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street and many more. Inviting all your family to sit together to feel the spirit this season, begins a lot earlier that December 1st. For most people, Christmas is a time to be shared with your family and no better way than being snuggled up a couch together.

Some people believe that the festive season should be about giving. Many drives and Christmas themed fundraisers are put on to celebrate the spirit. During their time off, students spend their break at food banks or buying presents for the ones that can’t afford it. Everyone deserves a magical Christmas.

For other people, the season preparation starts the beginning of the year, training to participate in Houston’s Annual 12k Christmas run held at Sam Houston Park. A few are known to run in the hopes to raise money to give to families in need. Holiday runs are become more and more popular in the teens as they can lend a helping hand.

Every year the Houston Zoo transforms its park into a Winter Wonderland covered in lights and Christmas cheer called Zoo Lights. The Annual Zoo Lights began before Thanksgiving this year. The Zoo has over two million lights displayed all over the entire park. This is the Houston Zoo’s sixth year putting on this event for all ages.

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas and every year there is something new to experience. Christmas is the busiest time of year filled with joy and laughter. The making of new traditions, while trying to experience new things and spend the most time with family is all the hype this Christmas.