Twitter Update

Social media is constantly updating, constantly changing and molding to be more sufficient. One app that many people are always scrolling through is Twitter. Here you can express yourself through words, pictures, or even to fined funny contents to cheer you up. Over the last few months Twitter has been changing to make the app more user friendly. They’ve added night mode, gone from 140-words to 280 characters, and now people can update in high resolution.

This new update is drawing a lot of attention, especially the option for night mode. This mode changes the app to dark or warm colors, and makes it easier on the eyes to stay online for longer.

“I think a lot of people will be using twitter more because of how cool night mode is,” junior Aaron Kersey said. “I think adding night mode was pretty live.”

While many of these updates are very helpful, sometimes they are a bit confusing. Some users are not as fond of the new update, and would prefer the old Twitter to come back.

“I prefer the old update to the new one,” senior Mason Smith said. “The new update is to be complicated, and I was used to the old one.”

One thing a lot of people are happy about was upping character count to 280. Many people on Twitter have already taken advantage of this by speaking out a lot more than before. Users aren’t as limited anymore.

“Adding in 140 more character was probably the smartest thing Twitter has done,” sophomore Dharius Daduya said. “I’ve been able to say a lot more of what I think and read a lot of what others are thinking.”