September Netflix Update

Want to get your mind off of a stressful school week? As we are transitioning out of the summer days, the weekends suddenly become more valuable and Netflix has your back! Check out the list below for a few of many shows/movies being added and taken off during the month of September.

What’s new?

. Hercules

. Hotel for dogs

. Mulan

. The Rugrats Movie

. The Secret Garden

. The Forgotten

. Pocohontas

. VeggieTales in the City season 2

. Beauty and the Beast

. Gotham season 3

. New Episodes for Fuller House

. Bachelorette


What’s Disappearing?

. RV

. Scream

. Nightmare on Elm street

. Something’s gotta give

. Lillo & stitch

. Emperor’s New Groove

. Teen Beach 2

. Raising Hope season 1

. CSI: Miami seasons 1-5