Comeback or Fallback?

A few days before the Solar Eclipse, Pop star Taylor Swift had everyone on edge. Swift had a social media shut down. She went through and deleted every picture, every video and every tweet off each account.

After she unfollowed everyone it was clear she was ready to completely start over. On August 21st, she posted a picture of what looked like the tail of a snake, and on the 22nd she posted the body, and the 23rd she posted the head of the snake, a name she is all to familiar with. The reactions towards her new music are very diverse.

“The Social Media shut down was a very strategic because it got everyone questioning everything she was doing and was very smart.” Senior Mirna Hernandez said. “Her new style is catching the eyes of everyone.”

She is a very big fan of the new and improved Taylor Swift. She’s crazy about her new look, her new attitude, her new approach on her music career.

Swift did catch a lot of attention from this so-called cleanse. Her new single, “Look what you made me do” is also gaining a lot of thought from everywhere.

“The song is a lot different than anything that she has written before.” Student Mason Smith said. “The words and the music is very dark and somber. I don’t like it, it is very repetitive and gives off such a weird message. I don’t understand the point of releasing this song.”

Although the song is very different from anything else Swift has written, it is a very catchy song. Many people are wondering if all this press towards Swift is making her image better or worse.

“I think it’s a bit of both, she has such a big following that there’s enough good press that covers the bad.” Said Lindsey Constantine. “But there’s definitely mixed opinions on her and the moves she’s been making recently,”