The Twisted Reality of Doctor Strange



Photo by: XPX/STAR MAX/IPx 2016 4/2/16 Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of “Doctor Strange” in New York City. (NYC)

The lights dim and the little bright screens disappear. There’s a short pause with only the sound of whispers and popcorn eating. The Marvel logo flashes on the screen and the 3D glasses are put on without any preparation to the optical complexity that follows.

Marvel certainly isn’t new to making movies in fact, Marvel Cinematic Universe has been producing movies since 2007. Marvel studios has made over 10 billion dollars in worldwide box office prices but it’s been their classic “world domination thrillers” that have always brought the views. Marvel tried something new this time, taking their fans on a cinematic ride into the crazy world that is Doctor Strange. It’s been one of the most watched movie franchise and is only increasing.

Marvel’s most recent movie, Doctor Strange has been long awaited by fans confused as to what Marvel has in store for them this time around. Being one of the most watched marvel movie, Doctor Strange is already at around 500 million box office ticket purchases. The movie presents a variety of cinematic views and inverted physics. Many critic reviews have commented that at times, they questioned if this was even a Marvel movie because it was so cleanly shot.

The movie introduces Stephan Strange, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, as a cocky doctor who undergoes a life changing accident that led to severe nerve damage in his hands. After years of no medical advancement, he searches for a new way.  From there he travels to a place where he is introduced to the ‘ancient one’ from then, Strange is in for a ride to an entirely different outtake on past/present/and future.

The movie requires zero knowledge of previous Marvel movies which is helpful to viewers who may not have as much knowledge on the Marvel Universe. Marvel introduces Doctor Strange in a new and cinematic way by defying the ways of gravity in a giddy and heroic way; possibly leading into a new era of Marvel. Fans stay on the edge of their seats to see what visually dramatic and beautiful cinematography will come up in the next marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.