Bernie’s Backyard


Ben Stewart, Reporter

Bernie’s Backyard, indoor bar and food truck park. Seems normal right? Well think of it this way. You and your and family are looking for a nice place to eat; variety, music, well maintained, and well managed, I experienced all of these things at Bernie’s Backyard. In my experience there, probably my biggest complaint would be the fact that it’s hot outside. It’s not a new idea but it seems that Bernie has definitely delivered it in a new way.

The park was very well maintained. There was a janitor that went around every once and a while just sweeping up trash and wiping tables, etc. The trucks featured at Bernie’s pay to be there. They are their own employees other that the fact that they all meet in the same area. When I arrived there, it was midafternoon Sunday and it was a ghost town. It’s hot outside, the Texans were playing, just not the right time to be at a food park. Regardless, the food trucks were still there. It was kind of interesting how when a few customers walk into the park, the truck owners would all get a smile on their face ready to sell their good eats. Despite the small amount of customers, I still felt welcomed and ready to eat.

The trucks featured at the park were: The Naked Fry which was all sorts of different fry combinations. Paradise Gogi, Mexican Korean fusion. Black Garlic which is just burgers and fries, and Dasman Mediterranean food. After a good hard look at all of their small, expensive menus I decided on Paradise Gogi. I had a Gogi Melt with teriyaki chicken, Korean beef, Monterey jack, Colbert jack, and grilled onion on Texas toast. The meal came out quickly despite there only being one person in the truck. When I got the Gogi Melt, I was definitely surprised at the amount of flavor, but that lasted for a hot second. Needless to say the melt was good but the flavors started to overwhelm me as I tried to continue. Probably wouldn’t buy is again, especially not for $12.

The location isn’t the most convenient place. I passed by it and didn’t even notice it at first. Even some of the reviews I had read online said they couldn’t find it. Bernie’s is right off of I-45 and the only thing you see when you pass is a big billboard. Which is also probably why there wasn’t that many people there when I went. I definitely think if they had a better location they would get more business and be a big hit.

Overall, it’s an awesome idea the park has. Lots of variety in the food trucks, clean and structured well, tons of parking, and even hopscotch for your kids to play while you’re ordering or waiting for your food. Although I didn’t enjoy my food as much as I hoped, they still had awesome service. You could certainly tell they were great cooks just based on the presentation and creativity of the dish, the Korean fusion just wasn’t for my liking. But I do recommend you go and try it out yourself.