Mockingjay Madness

India Blake, Reporter

Mockingjay: Part II has many fans excited as the final movie in The Hunger Games franchise is set to hit theaters on November 20.
When the final movie in the bestselling series hits theatres, they’ll be flooded with dedicated fans waiting to see Katniss lead the districts to battle. Some of the most enthusiastic fans will be lining up at midnight to see the movie as soon as it comes out.
“I like going to the midnight premieres because I like seeing the movies as soon as possible,” senior Anna Barnett said.
With the upcoming movie, there’s no shortage of the excitement that’s been present since the first movie came out, because millions love this series. Some of the aspects that resonated with people and got them hooked include the originality, characters and messages.
“I had never been terribly interested in dystopian novels before I read this series, but reading this series made me want to read more books like them. Probably my favorite thing about these books though is that the hero is a girl,” English teacher Mandy Parker said.
The novel came out in 2010 and was well received, as was the movie adaptation of the first part of the novel. It made an estimated worldwide total of $752.1 million, the highest in the Hunger Games franchise so far. Mockingjay Part II is also expected to do well, with box office projections at $121.5 million in the opening week.
“In terms of box office revenue I think it will do well, simply because people who love the book series want to go see it,” Parker said.
Even people who haven’t read the books will be lining up to see the movie, but most will argue that having read the book is the best way to understand and enjoy the movie. The ending of the movie will likely catch those who haven’t read it off guard.
“People who haven’t read the book won’t understand the ending,” freshman Neria Franco said.
Mockingjay Part I ended with Katniss finding out that Peeta was being held in the Capital, and the plans for the next phase of the war being laid out. The ending of part I evoked tons of emotion from fans, and Part II is expected to do the same.
“I think there will be more crying and more emotion [in Part II],” senior Anna Barnett said.
Many are also of course looking forward to the romantic aspect of the movie, whether they’re “team Peeta” or “team Gale.” While those who have read the novel know how it ends, those who haven’t may be pleasantly or unhappily surprised.
“I’m looking forward to seeing if Katniss ends up with Peeta or Gale,” Franco said.
Although no one knows whether the movie will be a success or a little disappointing, nonetheless it will be a climatic ending to a series loved by millions worldwide, and the excitement will continue to grow as we near the release.
“I am excited for the movie just to see how it compares to the way I pictured it when I read the book. I don’t think it will be as good as the book, but movies almost never are,” Parker said.