Star Wars Reads Day

On October 15, Klein Oak held a special event called Star Wars Reads Day, with costumes, prizes, drives and an elaborate celebration in honor of the “out-of-this-world” film saga.

“10/10/15 is the actual Star Wars holiday, it’s a Disney holiday, and we decided because the new movie is coming out that it was going to be a thing here. But it was a Saturday! So, we decided we were going to make Star Wars Reads Day 10/15/15, it’s kind of a catchy date too,” librarian Daniela Lankford said.

The Star Wars super-fans got a real treat on this day, complete with games in the library like Legos and Origami sets and so many chances to win fun prizes. If a student dressed up in full space attire, there was a huge chance they could win movie tickets or even Star Wars related prizes.

“We know Dr. Greeney loves this, and we are just so thrilled with the response. We can’t wait to see the lunchtime contests where there’s a costume contest for each lunch, and the winners get movie tickets or other prizes,” Lankford said.

Other than spacey costumes, Princess Leia cinnamon buns and a constant progression of lightsabers illuminating the hallways throughout the whole day, there was a food drive put into place by the library to help charity. NAM, Northwest Assistance Ministries, is a charity where “Neighbors” care for “Neighbors” through collective efforts, partners, donors and volunteers.

“We’re also doing a food drive, so students can bring in non-perishable items and we’re donating them to NAM, a local charity. And for every item they bring, then they get a ticket that they can submit to win a Star Wars themed prize,” librarian Lindsay Nalley said.

Star Wars Reads day was about more than just showing off some mad lightsaber-wielding skills; it was also about helping the community.

“I dressed up as Darth Vader, who I love. These are my favorite movies and this makes me so happy that Oak does this, ‘May the force be with you’,” freshman Emma Schmidt said.