Bluebell is back

India Blake, reporter

Bluebell Ice Cream is a southern favorite, and after a nearly five month recall, the creamery is putting its ice cream back on the shelves.
“Over the past several months we have been working to make our facilities even better, and to ensure that everything we produce is safe, wholesome and of the highest quality for you to enjoy,” vice president of Bluebell sales and marketing Ricky Dickson said to a Dallas news station.
The recall started after an outbreak of listeria, a harmful bacteria that can survive cold conditions and killed three people after getting into the ice cream. It was caused by improper cleaning of equipment and employees failing to wash their hands and use gloves.
“It’s really scary that disease just gets into ice cream like that,” senior Claire Sexton said.
To expedite the return of Bluebell to stores and ensure that all products are safe from here on out, Bluebell Creameries underwent a massive change in operation. Bluebell has updated environmental and product testing procedures to ensure that this situation doesn’t happen again.
“We have upgraded our procedures and employee training and have adopted the same overall philosophy at all of our facilities, to include: enhanced manufacturing procedures; increased focus on sanitation and cleaning; retained an independent microbiology expert for ongoing evaluation of our procedures and facilities…” the creamery said on their website.
While the recall was a necessity for safety, many southerners were left disappointed when they couldn’t get their hands on the ice cream. The recall gained massive attention on social media, and so did its return.
“I was kind of disappointed in Bluebell. I love the cookies and cream ice cream and I was sad when I couldn’t get any of it,” freshman Emma Spangler said.
The investigation and cleanup took longer than expected as redistribution was intended to begin earlier, but on August 31 the ice cream was back in stores.
“(The return of Bluebell) was one of the best things to happen in September because Bluebell is delicious” Sexton said.
Bluebell announced via Instagram that the first flavor that would be back in stores was the Homemade Vanilla. Other flavors have also been rereleased, including the Dutch Chocolate and the Great Divide.
“No one does vanilla like Bluebell, because it’s the best ice cream,” Sexton said.
People swarmed to Kroger and HEB to buy the long awaited ice cream when it hit stores again recently. Because of the high demand many grocery stores had to limit Bluebell purchases to two.
“We’re back to doing what we love; that’s making ice cream,” Dickson said to a Dallas news station.