Review: Coco Crepes

India Blake, reporter

If you’re looking for something great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert, crepes are the perfect thing to treat yourself to. But if crepes don’t do it for you, they also have a selection of waffles, gelato and paninis.
You’ll leave CoCo with a smile after eating the delicious food. There are varied sweet and savory crepe menus to choose from, or you can make your own with your choice of fruits, vegetables, protein, and sauces. The chicken and roasted vegetables crepe is one of the best savory options, or to satisfy your sweet tooth, the bananas foster crepe is hard to beat. If that isn’t for you, the waffles and gelato are also good alternatives.
The atmosphere of CoCo also enhances your meal there. Located in Vintage Park, CoCo Crepes is a refined but relaxed dining experience. Inside, you can choose to at the bar overlooking the griddles so you can watch how the crepes are made, or you can sit outside.
The prices are reasonable and while it’s not “fast food”, your order is out in minutes. This café lives up to its impressive reputation and reviews, and deserves 4.5 out 5 stars.
CoCo Crepes is serving up good, inexpensive food in a pretty area, and draws large crowds because of this. For a quick bite or a sit down meal, CoCo will certainly satisfy your craving and bring you back for more.